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Every meet-up has a potential risk. Millions of people use the internet for shopping, dating, freelance & licensed business transactions. With all the benefits of the Internet, there are tremendous liabilities because there's no validation process for individual consumers and small businesses.

The criminals are allowed to scam fortunes from honest people like you - until now!

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Who can use eZverifi?

Online shoppers - buyers & sellers, dating site users, military personnel - retired & active duty, freelance service providers - designers, writers, social media managers, developers, licensed contractors, real estate agents, athletic trainers, tutors, child care providers, housekeepers, nursing services, etc. Anyone that needs to schedule a meet-up to provide their services or products can use eZverifi!

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Use the power of technology to help you be safe.

eZverifi custom OCR services

OCR Technology

eZverifi provides custom OCR services to extract data from driver licenses, passports, and military IDs to provide valid photos on each user.

eZverifi OTP code validate

OTP Codes

eZverifi developers use a one-time-access  phone code to validate the location and ownership of each user's registered device.

device id data

Device ID Data

eZverifi partners with the TRANSUNION Company to confirm a specific device ID is linked to a specific person. The device data base has over 6 billion registered devices.

How does it work

Enjoy online shopping without the fear of the unknown.

1. Free Registration

1. Free Registration

Register for Free – simply complete the registration process.

2. Activation Process

2. Activation Process

There’s a one-time $9.99 Activation Fee and select desired use plan.

3. Use eZverifi

3. Use eZverifi

Use your dashboard to access the eZverifi platform to verify anyone.

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