Criminals are allowed to operate freely online because there isn’t a process to validate or verify the identity of those that conduct business at Online consumer sites, dating and freelancer sites. Our target market consists of millions of consumers and small business owners that leverage platforms like Craigslist, eHarmony, Fiverr, etc., every day. Each of these sites has an increased risk without a reasonable solution.
Now with eZverifi, you can instantly verify who you’re dealing with and reduce the amount of risk you may encounter when using shopping, dating, and classified sites.

Our services are much like the two-factor authentication methods used by many websites.  Whereby a code is sent to your mobile device or email to verify anyone's identity.  Now consumers use our services to instantly leverage over six (6) billion device ID records vetted via the global resources of the TransUnion Company.

Our mobile apps are available for download on the Apple & Google Play Stores. 

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