18 April 2022

How to Buy Online Using Facebook Marketplace Safely

Once we own a vehicle, a piece of furniture or outgrow clothes or toys they all have the same description next to them. USED. Used doesn’t have to be a bad four letter word, however. With over a billion users on Facebook Marketplace, used is now a word that creates new opportunities for those willing to upload, list and make the deal. 

Facebook Marketplace isn’t the only used reseller platform with other popular sites including Craigslist, Offer-up, Letgo and even the hyper localized nextdoor all being viable options. The second hand retail market brings in over $65 billion annually.

Selling on Marketplace, Craigslist and other used marketplace style platforms are tremendous tools. Which allows us to browse new items and list ones that we are ready to part with.

There is a game for buying and selling on these platforms. Clever and catchy headlines, well-lit images and descriptions that make a prospect see this new item incorporated into their life or a gift for a loved one. Buyers and sellers like the local, quick and convenient factors of selling while one can still get value from selling a used item or acquiring one. Because there is no middle man or retail storefront a bargain is to be made. Which, to many, is a win-win scenario. 

However, while selling on these platforms we stumble upon the bad guys up to no good. 

Take for instance this email exchange while selling some furniture from what appears to be a scammer. 

Now, we could be wrong and this buyer could be legit, but we’d rather be safe than sorry. If something seems off, it probably is.

When a situation arises like this, how can you combat it?

  • Use a designated safe zone, most cities have these. Where can you find these? Google “Your City designated safe zone” and your police department or city will have a link to the locations
  • Verify who you are meeting with eZverifi 
  • Bring a friend – a bad guy is less likely to cause trouble if there are multiple individuals present
  • If a safe zone is out of the question, meet in a heavily trafficked area such as a gas station, public parks or a day time well lit area. Try not to meet at your own home or theirs if possible. 
  • Use common sense, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Record the transaction on your phone, once you are through and back home safely you can delete the video or save it just in case. 

Stranger danger is no joke. Every day there are scams being led online and in your city. To help prevent these check out a few of the latest hot scams.

Buying second hand items is a wonderful tool for our arsenal, we just want to make sure we are being safe when doing so




When buying or searching online, you want to ensure your safety. To do so, before you meet a stranger or conduct a transaction, be sure to verify the identity of the stranger. You can do so using the eZverifi service


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