09 May 2022

Hunter vs Shopper Mindset

Humans love to shop. Some are looking for the newest tech items while others are looking to score last year's hottest products at a discounted rate. Others are game with acquiring used items. During the past decade a new lifestyle has become uber popular. Minamaliam. The art of not owning a ton of things. It’s deeper than that, however. Minimalism is not just about not buying anything on the shelves or online, it’s about not hoarding or overreaching on items that aren’t treasures to you. Think before you buy, “Do I really need this item”?


Another way to look at minimalism is to be a hunter rather than a shopper. Shoppers tend to buy everything in sight just to buy it and then end up throwing it away or rarely using it and simply waste their hard earned money. While hunters are on the prowl, window shopping and scanning items for hours, days or weeks until they find the treasure. Hunters wait until they know it's time.  


Joshua Becker, who many would say is the leader of the minimalism movement says, “Minimalism is intentionally living with only the things I really need—those items that support my purpose. I am removing the distraction of excess possessions so I can focus more on those things that matter most.”


Many use the minimalism lifestyle to stay on top of their finances while others use it to control the things they own. With the secondhand marketplace equating to over 65 billion in annual sales, there’s millions of reasons why being frugal can be a solid foundation for you. Being in tune with the concept of minimalism or acting more like a hunter than a gatherer is a strategy that can help rid you on all the items you’ve been hoarding or obsessing over. You could even list them on one of those secondhand platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and recoup some of your cash. 


When buying in a retail shopping center like a grocery store or WalMart, the items at eye level are typically the most expensive and if you are looking to score a deal, you have to look at the lower level on the shelves. Stores do this to improve their chances to secure a higher purchase from the consumer. It makes sense for the retailer, however as the consumer, if you want to find the bargain or a product that isn’t as expensive per unit, be the hunter and search for the gold. 


When buying or searching online, you want to ensure your safety. To do so, before you meet a stranger or conduct a transaction, be sure to verify the identity of the stranger. You can do so using the eZverifi service



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