08 July 2019

Online Marketplace Shopping Scams

Online Shopping Scams

The internet continues to reshape the way we shop, with social media stores adding to consumers’ online options. Cybercriminals are keeping pace. Online purchasing ranked as the No. 1 fraud risk in the Better Business Bureau’s “2017 BBB Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report,” and credit-monitoring agency Experian registered a 30% increase in the rate of e-commerce fraud for that year.

The typical shopping scam starts with bogus classified postings.  It can be dating profiles, shopping articles and services for hirer.  Some scammers increasingly create a solid façade that easily traps the unsuspecting person with ease.  Like most retail sites, that have a URL (the address of a web page), eZverifi validates the device ID that’s linked to an individual.  No more untraceable burner phones, bogus addresses and contact information.  Therefore, eZverifi offers great protection for our users. 

We are able to link an individual to a given digital device, with the help of the TransUnion Company’s Global data base. Our network grows with each new member and expands our circle of security.  Think about the digital footprint that each scammer leaves behind, that’s now at our fingertips.

All platforms…, Dating Sites, Shopping Marketplace Sites and any Service Provider - Classified Sites will be covered with the same service.   Though our services is not able to elimiate all fraudulate transactions we will arm our users with the necessary data to Shop Safer and Smarter.

Scam Warning Signs

  • Bargain-basement prices (if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!)
  • Shoddy description information or sloppy Language.
  • Limited or suspicious contact options.
  • Postings with extraneous words or characters.

When buying or searching online, you want to ensure your safety. To do so, before you meet a stranger or conduct a transaction, be sure to verify the identity of the stranger. You can do so using the eZverifi service


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