eZverifi is designed to serve millions of consumers, small businesses, and enterprise corporations that use platforms like Craigslist, eHarmony, Indeed, Uber, & Zillow everyday.  Each of which has an increased risk without a reasonable solution.  Until now...as a registered eZverifi member you are safeguarding against scams, fraud, identity theft, robberies and even fatalities.  It's as simple as using an email address or mobile phone number to verify if the person you want to meet is legit.  Together with our technology, we can make the online community safe!    

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All registrations are FREE!  We offer an easy pay-as-you-go plan to try eZverifi without a big investment. To activate your account, just pay the one-time set-up fee of ($19.99) $9.99 (introductory price for early members) and then just ($5.99) $2.49 per inquiry. If you know you'll need more than the occasional inquiry, we offer cost-effective bundled and bulk inquiries as well.

$2.49 ea.

Good for the occasional user. Pay as you go, whenever you need.

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$9.99 FOR 5

20% off the Pay Per Inquiry price.
Lower your cost
per-inquiry without a big

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$49.90 FOR 50

* 60% off the Pay Per Inquiry price.
Best price for regular users at 50 inquiries.

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* Business members can request a SOFT CREDIT INQUIRY, on non-members for $1.49 per request.  All plans will incur an annual maintenance fee of $12.99 $6.99.

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